A Passionate Entrepreneur Who Conquered Africa

Albert Karaziwan is a Belgian entrepreneur residing in Brussels.

He is the founder and member of several companies operating internationally, and this businessman was able to leverage his ambition to drive his success. It was with determination and will that he translated his passion for new technologies into an inexhaustible source of innovations. With the creation of his company Semlex in 1992, he turned a corner by providing comprehensive biometric solutions, handling everything from project analysis and creation to the system’s final delivery.

Promising Professional Beginnings

Albert Karaziwan moved to Brussels in the 1980s to embark on his studies. A brilliant student, he stood out because of his energy and desire initiate and create new things, with an ambition to use his know-how to create his own company, Semlex, which specializes in identifying and authenticating people using biometrics.
He demonstrated an entrepreneurial ambition very early. Looking to achieve his goals and innovate in fields dear to him, his career took a worldwide turn in 1992 thanks to the creation of Semlex, which now enjoys a global influence.

Semlex Group : An innovative company

Albert Karaziwan is the CEO of Semlex, founded in 1992 and whose name was derived from Latin for “the meaning of the law”. This family company headquartered in Belgium is not listed on the stock exchange, and it specializes in the design of biometric identification solutions. Today Semlex is present in many countries, particularly in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Since its creation, the company’s mission has been to provide its many customers with databases containing individual facial features and fingerprints.

Oriented around its fundamental values such as providing security for governments and their citizens, this company helps create a variety of official identification documents like visas, passports, work permits or even driver’s licenses.

These documents are used by a growing number of people when travelling, as well as in their everyday lives.

With many years of expertise and hands-on work in the field, Semlex has distinguished itself with the introduction of the biometric network system in Africa, and more particularly in the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa, which includes 5 states: Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Cameroon, the Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and Gabon. This leading international company provides the current identity control systems in Madagascar and Mozambique.

A Company Involved in The Fight Against Identity Fraud

This company has very quickly positioned itself as a world leader in the creation of biometric identification products and systems for national governments who pledge to fight against identity fraud, thus increasing Semlex’s worldwide recognition. It also regularly attends many meetings, such as the general assemblies of both Interpol and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
His fight against organized crime involves working closely with many leaders and chiefs of police from member countries, with which he maintains excellent relationships. They meet every year to find solutions designed to tackle new forms of crime such as cybercrime and cyber fraud, for example.
With Semlex, Albert Karaziwan’s professional journey took on a certain flavor. In fact, over time he focused on and specialized mainly in developing security techniques like the fingerprint identification system. In order to always fight effectively against the problems related to identity security, Semlex developed a system combining biometrics with the use of a chip inserted into the identity document, such as a card or passport.

The BNS System, A Creation of the Semlex Group

The Biometric Network System, or “BNS”, marked a remarkable advance in the world of advanced identification technologies. In fact, this ingenious system enabled the identification of the entire population, and their biometric data is then centralized in the biometric system network. The various identification documents can then be requested, with each citizen having a unique identification number. Now a larger population around the world can obtain identification documents and travel more easily.
The BNS is a comprehensive solution fully implemented on-site by Albert Karaziwan’s company and used to build a central biometric identification system. It has made a significant difference, especially in Africa. By using the BNS system, the governments and the authorities in general can securely produce and provide multiple official documents. Semlex’s technology is efficient and entirely reliable and is unquestionably the most advanced of its generation.

A Company Recognized by its Peers

As a guarantee of quality and security, Albert Karaziwan’s company has been ISO 9001 certified since 2015, which is a recognized symbol of excellence in its field. Heralded many times over for its expertise, this company is now the most well known on the market. It made sure that countries hitherto devoid of identity security are equipped with appropriate systems, thus enabling the population to benefit from highly secure official documents integrating biometric techniques as well as other increasingly more innovative authentication systems.

These techniques meet European and international regulations, including those of ANSI and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Lastly, SEMLEX is strongly committed to improving the quality of life for populations all over the world. In Comoros, Semlex helped install a water purification station, giving the local population access to safe drinking water. This was made possible in 2014 thanks to a donation from Semlex, which lead to an honorary ceremony with many dignitaries in attendance, including Albert Karaziwan himself, who came to represent the Semlex Group.

Building trustful relationship with the Union of Comoros, this businessman continues in the meantime his success by managing his company, now recognized around the world.

 Albert Karaziwan: HIS WORK IN Comoros ISLANDS

This man is one of the major investors in the Comoros archipelago in particular on the island of Moheli, located off the East coast of the African continent.
Semlex, producing all of the archipelago’s passports, has enabled its citizens to circulate and travel more freely while benefitting from the company’s security systems expertise.


A Well-Rounded Entrepreneur

Passionate about new technologies,

Albert Karaziwan has also invested in security sectors, particularly as a shareholder with Parcomatic, a parking security company, or as a shareholder with Profabel, a company that provides building security solutions.

His work as a business leader

does not mean that it is all he does. In fact, he is also particularly active in other markets, like historic building restoration. He is a member of the Board of Directors with Proginov, specializing in business management software design, and attends their meetings.

In the associative arena,

Albert Karaziwan also sits on the Board of Directors of the “Optimists Without Borders” association.

Albert Karaziwan, an Optimist Without Borders

This business leader has a particularly important function within the “Optimists Without Borders” organization, as he is a member of its Board of Directors. This association, whose objectives are to share the values of optimism and will around the world, holds a prominent place in this entrepreneur’s life. It is in fact because he always remains optimistic that this leader always manages to carry out his professional and personal projects and lead his many businesses effectively. This is why he supports and promotes the objectives of “Optimistan”, an imaginary state comprised of all of the Earth’s optimists. Present in more than 20 countries, he is an indispensable partner.
Today, Albert Karaziwan is an accomplished man who has been able to plant the seeds of his expertise all over the world. In Europe, Africa and even in America, he is at the helm of many companies and attends numerous conferences and official meetings without losing sight of his commitments. A businessman, he never forgets about his family and his values, which a key part of his professional undertakings, especially through training his many employees and using his expertise to make technology available to citizens throughout the world, without distinction.